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GB2312 X locale in unstable/test

When I moved my system from an old half broken HD to a new
one, I did a dist-upgrade with sid. I notice that the zh_CN.GB2312
under X is broken. So I checked and found that there are lines
in X11/locale/locale.dir:
zh_CN/XLC_LOCALE        zh_CN.eucCN
zh_CN.gbk/XLC_LOCALE    zh_CN.gbk
zh_HK.big5/XLC_LOCALE   zh_HK.big5
zh_HK.big5hkscs/XLC_LOCALE      zh_HK.big5hkscs
zh_TW.big5/XLC_LOCALE   zh_TW.big5
zh_TW/XLC_LOCALE        zh_TW.eucTW
zh/XLC_LOCALE:          zh_CN.eucCN
zh/XLC_LOCALE:          zh_CN.GB2312
zh_CN.gbk/XLC_LOCALE:   zh_CN.GBK
zh_HK.big5hkscs/XLC_LOCALE:     zh_HK.big5hkscs
zh_TW.big5/XLC_LOCALE:  zh_TW.big5
zh_TW.big5/XLC_LOCALE:  zh_TW.Big5
zh_TW/XLC_LOCALE:       zh_TW.eucTW

First part in old format, and 2nd in the new with ':'. As you can
see, the double definition of zh_CN.eucCN and the definition of
zh_CN.GB2312 point to zh/XLC_LOCALE which does not exist. I was
thinking it might be my problem (with a broken fs) util I saw someone
complain a user complain the same problem at linuxforum.net. Now
it seems a xlibs's problem. Can someone upgraded to X 4.1.x on 
unstable/test confirm this? 


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