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[experimental] elf-libgdbm-1.7.3-1 [experimental] perl-5.001-6 acs-019-1 ae-493-7 ae-493-7 uploaded at 2.9a-2: minor bugfixes bc-1.03-10 bc-1.03-9 uploaded bind-4.9.3-BETA26-1 uploaded bison-A2.6-2 bleeding-edge kernel bleeding-edge kernel to detect devices the 1.2.13 kernel doesn't find bogo-1.2-1 released bsdutils-1.4-1 released bsdutils-1.4-2 released c2man-2.33-3 uploaded c2man-2.33-4 c2man-2.40-1 uploaded cfengine-1.2.14-2.deb uploaded CVS-1.6-1 uploaded cvs-1.6-3 cvs-1.6-4 dchanges-2.0-1 uploaded dchanges-2.0-3 uploades dftp v1.2 diff-2.7-6 uploaded diff-2.7-7 doc-linux-95.11-0 uploaded dosemu-0.60.3-1.deb uploaded to Incoming dpkg 1.0.6: upgrade dpkg before upgrading syslogd dpkg 1.0.7: hard disk method improvements e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-1.01-2 ed-0.2-10 ed-0.2-9 uploaded Elf dvi2tty Elf giftrans Elf latex2rtf Elf man package Elf untex elvis-1.8pl4-20 f2c-9510060-3 file-3.18-3 uploaded file-3.18-4 fvwm-1.24r-9 uploaded to UK ftp server gcl-2.1-1 (new package) genscript 1.2.20-2 released genscript-1.2.20-1 released indent-1.9.1-14 j1-7-3 released j1-7-4 released jgraph-83-7 kernel for ELF, PPP users ksmbfs-0.2.4-1 released ksmbfs-0.2.4-2 released libdb-1.85.2-1 libgdbm-1.7.3-4 libreadline-2.0-6 lynx-2.4.2-2 released majordomo-1.93-1 uploaded Man 2.3.10 rev 4 man 2.3.10 rev 5 mandelspawn-0.07-1 released mandelspawn-0.07-2 released memtest-0.1-1 released mgetty mirrormagic-1.3-1 released mt-st-0.2-4 mtools-2.0.7-13 mtools-2.0.7-14 netbase-1.21-1 uploaded netbase-1.22 uploaded netstd-1.22-1 uploaded ... netstd-1.23-1 uploaded netstd-1.24 uploaded New a.out/ELF development packages new floppies for installing base from CD New latex2rtf (bug#1790 solved) New package available New package: die new ppp package New revision of cdtool-1.0-4 uploaded New revision of lpr-5.9-7 uploaded New xfig package uploaded nlsutils-0.5-1 (new package) octave-1.1.1-1 oops p2c-1.20-1 released p2c-1.20-2 released patch-2.1-9 Perl updates pgapack-0.2.a-1 (new package) procinfo-0.6-1 uploaded procinfo-0.6-3 released rcs 5.7-2 released samba-1.9.15p4-1 released saoimage-1.15-1 (new package) sendmail-8.6.12-9 setserial 2.10-6 released setserial-2.10-7 elf setterm-1.0-0 Uploaded sharutils-4.1-8 Smail assorted bugfixes symlinks-1.0-2 sysklogd-1.2-16 uploaded sysklogd-1.2-18 uploaded sysutils-1.1-1 uploaded sysutils-1.1-2 uploaded tcpdump-3.0.3-4 uploaded tcsh-6.06-2 tf-3.5a13-1 released tf-3.5a13-2 released tin-1.22-10 uploaded trn 3.6-3: bugfixes ucbmpeg-1r2-1 released unarj-2.41a-2 uploaded unsubscribe w3-el-2.2.25-1 released watch-1.0-2 watch-1.0-3 where are changes? wu-ftpd-2.4-15 uploaded wu-ftpd-2.4-16 uploaded xasteroids-5.0-1 xasteroids-5.0-2 xasteroids-5.0-3 xbmbrowser uploaded. xcal-4.1-1 (new package) xntp-3.4x-2 released xpilot-3.4.0-0 (new package) xtrlock-2.0-0 (new package) The last update was on 13:33 GMT Thu May 16. There are 141 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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