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bleeding-edge kernel

Don't use this kernel if you are satisfied with the 1.2.13 kernel
you are running now. It's mostly for people who need special features.



Date:  Sun Nov 26 21:15:33 PST 1995
Package:  image
Version:  1.3.43-0
Description:  Linux kernel binary image.
Priority: High for ELF and PPP users.
Changes: Link ELF in by default, update PPP modules.
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum>
File: boot-1.3.43-0-1200.gz 925999 a359e44c3d52da0ecb6edbc7d34c47c6
File: boot-1.3.43-0-1440.gz 926499 1cdebcf2d327555fb8829b5707d87381
File: image-1.3.43-0.deb 1448002 f968f7f02c330ef1a812d3cafd16654e
File: includes-1.3.43-0.deb 416845 e6a3c8df96830b69d74cc93f5789808d
File: kernel-source-1.3.43-0.diff.gz 17445 2edde9d303cde1db5eaad3bac1548f6e
File: kernel-source-1.3.43-0.tar.gz 3378307 59369d4d5ab47a5448985558aa58ce5c
File: source-1.3.43-0.deb 3378651 1904ecf9b26f608c60bb39b821425a7f
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