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New revision of cdtool-1.0-4 uploaded

cdtool - Utilites to play and catalog audio CDs on a CD-ROM drive

 CDTOOL is a package for Linux that allows the user to control audio 
 functions of an attached CD-ROM drive from the command line.
 The `cdir' command supports a database of artist, title, and track
 names in a simple format compatible with Workman, a nice OPEN LOOK based
 program for controlling audio discs in a CD-ROM drive.

Sun Nov 26 13:35:16 EST 1995   D.J. Gregor <dgregor@gregor.com>


	* Fixed man page permissions

	* Updated moderator's e-mail address

	* Added extended descriptions

cdtool-1.0-4.deb	6799
cdtool-1.0-4.diff.gz	3378
cdtool-1.0-4.tar.gz	16747

6bf61bcaceba334eda1917f36764ce72  cdtool-1.0-4.deb
b1dea31c062ac389d6c21ea3415bf383  cdtool-1.0-4.diff.gz
f66a3ceb64cfc8a92ea1d1e2172ab63b  cdtool-1.0-4.tar.gz

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