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New ld.so package available

A new ld.so package has been uploaded to ftp.debian.org and should be
available soon.

Changes in version 1.7.11:

	Changed ld.so and ld-linux.so to delete all variations
	of LD_PRELOAD and LD_LIBRARY_PATH for set[ug]id programs,
	This makes it harder for broken set[ug]id programs to be

	Fixed a problem in libdl.so where dlsym would not accept
	the handle returned from dlopen(0, *).

fd65bba600da2a20bcb4f707e69c85da  ld.so-1.7.11-1.deb
5bce5d68d1c7df1c30b87024d3123209  ld.so-1.7.11-1.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 david    david      129859 Nov 14 22:02 ld.so-1.7.11-1.deb
-rw-r--r--   1 david    david       84246 Nov 14 22:03 ld.so-1.7.11-1.tar.gz

David Engel                        Optical Data Systems, Inc.
david@ods.com                      1101 E. Arapaho Road
(214) 234-6400                     Richardson, TX  75081

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