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[experimental] perl-5.001-6

Priority:       medium

This is based on the first unofficial patch in months. This patch is 
big. Please keep an older version handy in case it goes wrong.

* ELF: it looks like Configure is still using /usr/lib somewhere, since it
  incorrectly enables DB_File support.

Perl 5.001 Debian 6 (5.001n) - Ray Dassen <jdassen@wi.LeidenUniv.nl>
* Updated to 5.001n: big patch, small problems remain. 
* debian.rules now passes definitions to Configure, instead of running 
  Configure with a modified hints/linux.sh.
* Use a variable in debian.rules to test the binary format.
* With ELF, DB_File support is disabled (rather ad hoc).
* Use softlinks for suidperl and perl<version>.
* Added explicit Depends: elf-libc, which was implicit (via elf-libgdbm).

98df12c0a9f74678e5ac526ccdc97023  perl-5.001-6.deb.aout
765e8f35ce9ad86297aa622623fa4262  perl-5.001-6.deb.elf
a4e06ea9148468db1de919a0f99db171  perl-5.001-6.diff.gz
0e91d13362c5ccb4dad7ee5cf523add4  perl-5.001-6.tar.gz

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