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c2man-2.40-1 uploaded

	Late last night I uploaded a new version of c2man, upgrading
 to the latest upstream version.  There has been a change of
 maintainers for this package, as I have taken this over from Bill
 Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com>.  I would like to take this
 opportunity to thank him for the stellar work he has done for this

	To new developers: I recommend taking over a old package
 before creating a new one from scratch; one learns a great deal 
 updating an old one ;-)


Date:  Wed Nov 29 00:40:18 EST 1995
Package:  c2man
Version:  2.40-1
Description:  Graham Stoney's mechanized man page generator
Priority: low
	* changed maintainers
	* upgraded to latest upstream version
# File: <name>             <size>          <md5sum>               <destination>
File: c2man-2.40-1.deb      52372 7aff6ae85a88970b6e4e87fdd4e2f861 binary/devel
File: c2man-2.40-1.diff.gz   3377 5e0df3fdce36e1a5edacb60ed69f8de7 source/devel
File: c2man-2.40-1.tar.gz  157150 447f9733579116b81e95fcfbf3108130 source/devel

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