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Date:  Sat Nov 25 20:39:04 MET 1995
Package:  sendmail
Version:  8.6.12-9
Description:  Mail-transfer agent. Much more difficult to configure than "smail".
Priority: low
Changes: Fixes all outstanding bugs
 This will probably be the last a.out release of sendmail and should probably
 go into the debian-0.93 tree. sendmail 8.7 is on the way.
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: sendmail-8.6.12-9.deb 252989 73b9a04cb632e3065dd3fc8b03bcf631 binary/misc
File: sendmail-8.6.12-9.diff.gz 17213 e6cf4e972de63f693580353768fc495a source/misc
File: sendmail-8.6.12-9.tar.gz 747682 1880445928bbc45a4dc5d9cff643dba7 source/misc

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