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bleeding-edge kernel to detect devices the 1.2.13 kernel doesn't find

One of our users had an IDE Mitsumi CD-ROM drive that would not be
installed by our boot disk, but we found that the 1.3.42 kernel would
work (Thanks Thalia!). If you have this drive or other hardware that
isn't detected by the 1.2.13 kernel on the install disk, a 1.3.42 boot
disk will help. I've uploaded 1.3.42 boot disks for 5.25 and 3.5 inch
floppies, and "image", "source", and "includes" packages for the
1.3.42 kernel.

You will also need the very latest "root" disk, dated November 20 on
our main FTP archive. It's
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/debian-0.93/disks/root1440.gz .

The boot disk is presently in
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/private/project/Incoming/boot-1.3.42-1440.gz .
Choose the 1200 or 1440 version depending on the size of your "A" floppy

The boot disk will soon be moved out of Incoming, then you can find it in:
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/debian-0.93/disks/alt/boot-1.3.42-1200.gz .
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/debian-0.93/disks/alt/boot-1.3.42-1440.gz .

	Bruce Perens

Date:  Wed Nov 22 12:57:34 PST 1995
Package:  image
Version:  1.3.42-1
Description:  Linux kernel binary image.
Priority: high if you were using 1.3.42-0, low otherwise.
Changes: Fix arp bug, binfmt_elf module bug.
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: boot-1.3.42-1200.gz 936982 7d4952241ea3c1e933f4863596378db1
File: boot-1.3.42-1440.gz 937185 7b619e3a7441c3582453887ef3e37295
File: image-1.3.42-1.deb 1457788 ce2c754666d67da91fc54f610f04d363
File: includes-1.3.42-1.deb 411352 3ae32bdb0b7e645138eea49c8dba2ef0
File: kernel-source-1.3.42-1.diff.gz 19117 5ded0ff1aada98721fbf647690d430a4
File: kernel-source-1.3.42-1.tar.gz 3371707 9ab7774d4d7483977489015a6ba82d25
File: source-1.3.42-1.deb 3372305 5dfa1bc3069fef16e9dfb6f4e615797a
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