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setterm-1.0-0 Uploaded

Finally.  Sorry it took so long to get a legal copy of setterm for Debian.
I expect there's more to be done in the termcap area.
At least this is a start.


This is an a.out package.

Version: 1.0
Package_Revision: 0
Maintainer: CD Rasmussen <cdr@star.net>
Description: Sets Linux virtual console (VC) terminal attributes
Priority: low
        * Change diff rule in debian.rules to fix zero length diffs
        * Initial release.

File:       <md5sum>              <name>          <size>
3db2b2d79f993a2983b69665245f6d30 setterm-1.0-0.deb 7304
9617cda5b0ff726c737b5eadc813960d setterm-1.0-0.diff.gz 2325
7b8eea4c7b083a0e8fe8dbc67ce8db64 setterm-1.0-0.tar.gz 9823

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