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New revision of lpr-5.9-7 uploaded

lpr - Berkeley lpr/lpd line printer spooling system

 This is the standards UNIX printer spooler and associated utilties.
 You can use this for local and remote printers.

Sat Nov 25 17:04:59 EST 1995   D.J. Gregor <dgregor@gregor.com>


	* removed if filter from etc.printcap

	* changed maintainer

lpr-5.9-7.deb		51587
lpr-5.9-7.diff.gz	13163
lpr-5.9-7.tar.gz	67808

c4e98da119c318c1e288093e4522d1f3  lpr-5.9-7.deb
dfff69c6a5a2e345b19bf4b0fa5362ac  lpr-5.9-7.diff.gz
9f7574b09911a266728d9413e8324f89  lpr-5.9-7.tar.gz

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