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bsdutils-1.4-1 released


bsdutils (1.4-1); priority=MEDIUM

  Package bsdutils has changed maintainers from Ian Murdock
  <imurdock@debian.org> to Austin Donnelly <and1000@cam.ac.uk>.
  Thanks to Ian for all the work he's put in!

Executive summary:

  (1) write has a lot of bug fixes (eg attempting to write to dead
           utmp entries)
  (2) wall gives more sensible errors when it finds stale utmp entries.
  (3) /bin/kill works (previously it didn't)
  (4) pwd no longer in this package, use the one from GNU shellutils

    script is insecure, see Bug#988. This will require some thought
    and probably a new binary to manage pty allocation.

Full details:

Tue Nov 28 00:12:31 1995  Austin Donnelly  <and1000@valour.pem.cam.ac.uk>

        * kill.c: added linux signals, changed signal listing code to not
        segfault, and changed signal parsing code to not segfault on
        "SIGHUP". Fixes Bug#1764 and Bug#1513.

        * kill.1: now mentions the fact that kill is a bash builtin.

        * removed pwd from the bsdutils package: we're now using the one
        from the GNU shellutils package.

Sun Nov 26 16:46:27 1995  Austin Donnelly  <and1000@valour.pem.cam.ac.uk>

        * wall.c: added line to ignore utmp entries for ':0', so that the
        special entry made for X on the console isn't written to. Bug#1630.

        * write.c: added checks to make sure only live utmp entries are
        considered, and added better checks to ensure you can't write if
        you've su'ed in someone else's shell.  'write' is now setgid tty
        safely. Bug#1545.

        * write.c: only warn if root writes with messages turned off,
        rather than forbid (as per normal users). Bug#1658.
Sat Nov 25 22:48:31 1995  Austin Donnelly  <and1000@valour.pem.cam.ac.uk>

        * Package maintainer is now Austin Donnelly, <and1000@cam.ac.uk>

        * err.c: added an err_setprogname() function to allow programs
        that want to use the error handling stuff to set their name
        correctly. Previously, they were getting their name set to
        NULL. Bug#1207.

        * err.h: added prototype for err_setprogname().
        * cal.c: registered name with error handler.
        * calendar.c: registered name with error handler.
        * chroot.c: registered name with error handler.
        * col.c: registered name with error handler.
        * column.c: registered name with error handler.
        * kill.c: registered name with error handler.
        * mesg.c: registered name with error handler.
        * pwd.c: registered name with error handler.
        * tsort.c: registered name with error handler.

        * vacation.c: was implicitly casting NULL to an int. Fixed.

        * whois.c: implicitly dropping 'const' from a char *. Now keeps
        it's const-ness

        * ttymsg.c: introduced new error message to complain about stale
        utmp entries (/dev/tty??). This is really a bug in telnetd or
        rlogind. I think there's a race between getting a utmp entry, and
        getting a tty assigned. Would the telnetd/rlogind maintainer like
        to investigate?  Bug#1892.

d1c22122073aab41edc1b2c700166549  bsdutils-1.4-1.deb
aa1fcd2ba283e5b7f8337da3f8d3ce1a  bsdutils-1.4-1.tar.gz
 -rw-r--r--   1 and1000  and1000    100050 Nov 28 00:59 bsdutils-1.4-1.deb
 -rw-rw-r--   1 and1000  and1000    119711 Nov 28 00:39 bsdutils-1.4-1.tar.gz

Version: 2.6.2i


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