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p2c-1.20-1 released

Date:  Mon Nov 13 00:46:18 WST 1995
Package:  p2c
Version:  1.20-1
Description:  Pascal to C translator
Priority:  Low
Changes:  Added Debian files
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: p2c-1.20-1.deb 218361 bf7c8b7652c351e773fd0eadf6cdc96d binary/devel
File: p2c-1.20-1.diff.gz 3144 35f5578e430759ecb753d9be9cbb170b source/devel
File: p2c-1.20-1.tar.gz 358468 69f8991cc1535f88dd421401ac49a058 source/devel


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