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kernel for ELF, PPP users

Date:  Sun Nov 26 16:37:22 PST 1995
Package:  image
Version:  1.2.13-7
Description:  Linux kernel binary image.
Priority: high for ELF and PPP users, low for others.
Changes: Link in ELF driver instead of using a module. 
 Update PPP modules.
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum>
File: boot-1.2.13-7-1200.gz 701947 511fc513f77ae37a038863c9a4c4f91e
File: boot-1.2.13-7-1440.gz 702197 7d5c82cc0b2989c23db8777ba58993db
File: image-1.2.13-7.deb 1191388 b512ed0c1ae33810261e81b3182d331f
File: includes-1.2.13-7.deb 272378 6a76ce505cdf11fec35117a80d2182bf
File: kernel-source-1.2.13-7.diff.gz 134672 8639a5e31b6894d074fb56797869314b
File: kernel-source-1.2.13-7.tar.gz 2498951 107585769c4afb3b4e8b0e766a49daa3
File: source-1.2.13-7.deb 2490625 4c26ade5a0b83ff43d284c34a01d3bb6
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