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pgapack-0.2.a-1 (new package)

Package: PGAPack
Version: 0.2.a
Package_Revision: 1
Maintainer:  Karl R. Sackett <krs@caos.aamu.edu>

Description: A general-purpose genetic algorithm library
 PGAPack is a general-purpose, data-structure-neutral, parallel genetic
 algorithm library being developed at Argonne National Laboratory.  This
 distribution contains PGAPack V0.2, a sequential beta version that has
 the following features:
 * Callable from Fortran or C.
 * Binary-, integer-, and real-valued native data types
 * Object-oriented data structure neutral design.
 * Parameterized population replacement.
 * Multiple choices for selection, crossover, and mutation operators
 * Easy integration of hill-climbing heuristics.
 * Black-box interface for novice and application users.
 * Access to all library calls for expert users.
 * Fully extensibile to support custom operators and new data types.
 * Extensive debugging facilities
 * A large set of example programs.
 * A users guide. 

9a46ad55690bf72f8dd7a1908f8da77b  pgapack-0.2.a-1.deb
3b42b026c410c3b700ad153f4455d5b3  pgapack-0.2.a-1.diff.gz
7142192457d08c79ebcb2a4e7d976ea3  pgapack-0.2.a-1.tar.gz 
Karl R. Sackett                                        krs@caos.aamu.edu
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