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saoimage-1.15-1 (new package)

Package: saoimage
Version: 1.15
Package_Revision: 1
Maintainer: Karl R. Sackett <krs@caos.aamu.edu>

Depends: xbase

Description: A utility for displaying astronomical images
 SAOimage (pronounced S-A-0-image) is a utility for displaying astronomical
 images wich runs under the X11 window environment.  Image files can be read
 directly, or image data may be passed through a named pipe (Unix) or a mailbox
 (VMS) from IRAF display tasks.  SAOimage provides a large selection of
 options for zooming, panning, scaling, coloring, pixel readback, display
 blinking, and region specification.  User interactions are generally
 performed with the mouse.

94fb26547d2f324d7e69d70af131cf8e  saoimage-1.15-1.deb
9295294b864e2dab88398d4d77872fe3  saoimage-1.15-1.diff.gz
8e4564fa5a24cf3ccdf5113bfc8c16c9  saoimage-1.15-1.tar.gz
Karl R. Sackett                                        krs@caos.aamu.edu
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