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Adding DVD-Audio support to mkisofs Re: Adding DVD-Audio support to mkisofs (PATCH attached) ASSETS MANAGEMENT Assistance Demand. Best way to backup self made DVD ? the big unit Bitsetting for LG GSA-41XXB drives Re: Re: Burning DVD sometimes fails - sometimes works Burning my first DVD+R Bypass the Doctor & Get Drugs Now cdrecord on linux 2.6.x x > 2.6.8 Re: cdrecord-prodvd don't work with BTC 1004 Re: CDRecord proper dev specification w/2.6.x Check for existing sessions Cherie Dont be left out, rates just dropped! dont wanna be alone drive errors, do they indicate a bad drive? DVD+RW-tools for HP-UX Re: Errors with 8x media, works in other OS European Stuff growisofs 5.21, Plextor PX-708A 1.09 growisofs, could I write iso file with it ? Re: growisofs, could I write iso file with it ? (could not mount one of the resulting DVD) growisofs on Fedora 3 Linux (kernel 2.6.9-1.667) can't write DVD+R media hey u lonely? Hi, howto calculate mkiso created iso size from pathspecs? How to interpret numeric error codes of growisofs? IN GOOD FAITH ※未承諾と承諾広告■8千万円収入方法提供メルマガ■2億円3億円5億9千万円収入者続出 isoinfo funny ioctl error Kit Mala-Direta Cadastro em Buscadores Marketing-ideen Re: mkisofs -dvd-video won't work NEC ND-3520A - Speed issues in cdrecord-prodvd and growisofs "No medium found" on LiteOn 1673S - somehow higher speed worked! not answering emails anymore? Odd burn error Overweight, Always Tired, Depressed? Answers... Personal Loan ID: 340441 plextor PX-716A: OPC error, COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR [growisofs] Switzerland Discreet Stuff Re: trouble burning DVD+R on a Pioneer drive unable to set booktype with LiteOn 1673s We tried to call you Your C1AL!S Refill is Ready You saw it on TV The last update was on 15:34 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 93 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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