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Re: Re: Re: Errors with 8x media, works in other OS

> I also know that some people never have received a reply,
> but considering the contents of that readme.key file and
> considering the format,

First time I hear about a special request format. Well, sorry, it's one
of the basic facts of life that when I buy something, I expect to know
a) what I'm getting, and b) how much dosh I have to hand over for it
before(!) I commit myself to anything. I consider a) to be dealt with,
though a legible web page is sadly lacking - some text file hidden in
the bowels of an ftp server is no adequate substitute. As for b), it
said something like "contact <someemail> for a license". So I did - no
reply. When I am advising a company on how to burn their backups and how
much it's going to cost them, I expect to find an answer to the cost of
the proposed $SOFTWARE in less than a minute, damn it. Anyone who thinks
I would spend ages reading some docs on how to carefully format an email
just to get a price had better think again. Cdrecord-prodvd is the
lousiest sales effort I've ever seen - sorry.


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