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isoinfo funny ioctl error

> isoinfo -version
isoinfo 2.01a31 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

> isoinfo -d -i some.iso
[output as expected]
isoinfo: Success. Read error on old image

Error comes from the fact that the some.iso is only the first 1MB of the
lot. So far, so good.

> isoinfo -d -i some.iso > /dev/null
isoinfo: Inappropriate ioctl for device. Read error on old image
Exit 25

Looks a bit like isoinfo runs ioctl on stdout, and it fails on

> isoinfo -d -i some.iso | cat > /dev/null

Works as first example for SuSE 9.2's isoinfo, but as for the second for


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