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Re: Bug#724469: FTBFS on all big-endian architectures Bug#740467: ITP: libhttp-cookiejar-perl -- minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar Bug#740633: ITP: libnet-dhcpv6-duid-parser-perl -- OO interface to parse DHCPv6 Unique Identifiers Re: Bug#740799: ITP: libapp-ddflare-perl -- Provides ddflare, a command line Dynamic DNS utility that updates with the latest IP every 5 minutes Bug#740886: ITP: libposix-strftime-compiler-perl -- GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers Bug#741122: ITP: libnet-frame-device-perl -- module to get network device information Bug#741260: ITP: libplack-middleware-header-perl -- middleware for modifying HTTP response headers Bug#741383: ITP: libthreads-lite-perl -- threads::lite provides actor model threading for Perl Re: Bug#741453: libconfig-model-dpkg-perl: Feature wish: subcommand to add/remove elements to control fields, e.g. Uploaders Bug#742195: ITP: libmojolicious-plugin-cgi-perl -- Run CGI script from Mojolicious Come una piuma DEP5 to SPDX wrapper in perl dh-make-perl changelog urgency Re: duck results of pkg-perl's git repositories duck results of pkg-perl's git repositories (was: Re: Packages with 5+ years of pending changes) Help: libnet-imap-server-perl Installing Service With Module Joining the team libdevel-bt-perl FTBFS on Hurd libtemplate-plugin-latex-perl update? Low-hanging fruits meeting -- April, 2014 Re: Low-hanging fruits meeting -- March, 2014 Missmatching maintainer and group maintenance Re: Packages with 5+ years of pending changes Patches in Debian Perl Packages Pending RC bugs Query regarding circular dependency Re: Remove jifty? Re: Removing RC buggy leaf packages with low popularity? script-with-language-extension Re: upstream-vcs Wording of debian/control handling in Debian Perl Group Policy Your outdated e-mail addresses in Debian packages' Uploaders fields The last update was on 12:37 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 91 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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