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Re: script-with-language-extension

Not sure if fixing it by renaming the files is what you want to do.

I have such a warning in xinetd and honestly I just ignore it because I don't 
think that renaming scripts after they have been there for many years is a 
good idea. Besides that's the upstream name so that's how they will be 
probably called in other distributions too I guess.

In data domenica 9 marzo 2014 19:52:04, Daniel Lintott ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I am in the process packaging Net::Frame::Device
> (libnet-frame-device-perl) as part of a the fix to a bug.
> Net::Frame::Device includes two scripts that are installed to /usr/bin,
> but both have .pl extensions therefore giving me a Lintian warning.
> My initial thought on fixing this is to rename the files by overriding
> dh_auto_install in debian/rules... but I'm struggling to find out how to
> do this without explicitly writing the file names, which wouldn't
> accommodate new files in future releases.
> So far I've got the following:
> 	PACKAGE = $(shell dh_listpackages)
> 	TMP     = $(CURDIR)/debian/$(PACKAGE)
> 	<SNIP>
> 	find $(TMP)/usr/bin -name '*.pl'
> Which does identify the files correctly... I'm just not sure where to go
> from here!
> My second thought.. was to relocate the files to e.g
> /usr/share/$(PACKAGE) and then provide symlinks in /usr/bin, but this
> perhaps seems to more work than necessary
> Cheers,
>  Daniel Lintott

Salvo Tomaselli

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