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Re: Patches in Debian Perl Packages

On 17/03/14 22:26, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Daniel Lintott (2014-03-17 22:33:27)
>> After being reminded by Gregor the other day to forward a patch 
>> upstream, it got me wondering how many patches exist that should be 
>> forwarded upstream?
>> After running a few grep's, I decided to wrap it up into a script... 
>> written in Perl ;-)
> Cool!
> (and I realize I am to blame for some of those missing upstreamings)

Hence, why I coded this... to enable the whole group to see what is
happening and be able to assist.

>> Hopefully this might be of some help to the group... if not it was a 
>> fun project to code! Any suggestions and comments greatly received!
> Are you aware of http://patch-tracker.debian.org/ ?
> I have no idea how that site is made, but would be awesome if you could 
> collaborate with admins of that service to get that upstreaming check 
> for all Debian packages.

I am aware of it... at the moment I've no idea how it works... but I
shall certainly look into it.

Thankyou for the feedback!



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