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Patches in Debian Perl Packages

Hi Everyone!

After being reminded by Gregor the other day to forward a patch
upstream, it got me wondering how many patches exist that should be
forwarded upstream?

After running a few grep's, I decided to wrap it up into a script...
written in Perl ;-)

After a few days of coding I've got a fairly robust script (it would
seem!)... This was my first big perl script, so they may well be things
that I could have done better... but it seems to work!

In addition to the perl script (process_patches.pl), I have written a
PHP front-end as I'm storing the data in MySQL, which looks very similar
in design to PET.

The current script actually looks at more than just a patch a being
forwarded. It also attempts to see if the patch has a DEP3 header and
description (inspiration taken lintian) as well running uscan (wanted to
be able to see what packages may have had fixes upstream).

The only downside I can see at the moment is the script requires a
complete copy of the git repository e.g mr up, so I'm running the
updater locally and logging to a remote database.

Currently the script finds 845 packages with patches and a total of 1349
patches of which 673 the script thinks either haven't been forwarded,
don't have a dep3 header or are missing a description (or can't work out)

The list can be seen here (last updated: 17/03/2014 21:23:28 UTC):

And I've uploaded the source code to:

Hopefully this might be of some help to the group... if not it was a fun
project to code! Any suggestions and comments greatly received!



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