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Re: Patches in Debian Perl Packages

On Mon, 17 Mar 2014 21:33:27 +0000, Daniel Lintott wrote:

> In addition to the perl script (process_patches.pl), I have written a
> PHP front-end as I'm storing the data in MySQL, which looks very similar
> in design to PET.
> The current script actually looks at more than just a patch a being
> forwarded. It also attempts to see if the patch has a DEP3 header and
> description (inspiration taken lintian) as well running uscan (wanted to
> be able to see what packages may have had fixes upstream).

> The list can be seen here (last updated: 17/03/2014 21:23:28 UTC):
> 	http://pkg-perl.serverb.co.uk/patch-list.php

Thanks for your work.

This reminds me that PET(1) (and maybe PET2) also showed patches, a
function that was lost in the rewrite as PET3; might be nice to have
it back there and everything in one place.


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