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Re: Installing Service With Module

Thanks Dam, that is what I'm thinking (re: installation). It definitely isn't a module, in that it is no use as a library, but I just meant that it existed on CPAN.

On 08/03/2014 15:59, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
-=| Peter Roberts, 08.03.2014 13:21:40 +0000 |=-
My first question to the list so apologies if I make any mistakes,
I'm here to learn :).

I have a perl module which I want to package, App::DDFlare, which
provides an application as the name suggests. Thus it has been
suggested to name the package ddflare as opposed to
libapp-ddflare-perl, which I think is a great idea (thanks gregoa).

Really this application should be installed as a service though but
I'm wondering if it is considered bad form to have a module perform
this kind of installation?
What do you mean by "a service"? If you mean something that starts
from /etc/init.d, then there is no real problem with that. It is not
really "a module", but that can also be said for packages like
munin-node, kgb-bot and other services implemented in Perl.

As for installation, I think there is no universal way to do this via
Makefile.PL or similar. Instead, I'd put the relevant ddflare.init
file under debian/ (that is, in the packaging, not upstream) and let
debhelper do its job.

Hope this helps,

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