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Abwesenheitsnotiz: approved Alert from virusscanner Cant't understand the new string in arcboot-installer Re: Debian Installer rc1 string freeze begins Debian installer rc1 translation status Debin Installer rc1 string freeze begins Re: Definition of COUNTRY doc/todo: DDP i18n Re: Einzelheiten evolution package [Fwd: Re: d-i BIDI] How to know status of non-po package i18n Infrastructure again Livres anciens : Nouveautés et informations Virus détecté dans le message "text" [l10n d-i manual] New revision tracking scripts for translations [l10n] Merged .po files [l10n] URGENT : shadow templates translation updates needed, NMU planned Re: locale problems (was RE: defintion of COUNTRY) Re: proposal how to improve current Debian l10n framework Rapport à l'expéditeur Requesting translated Debconf-templates for vdr Returned Mail: Message Blocking via filter shadow: [INTL:it] Italian debconf translation update Snapshots of window managers with translated Debian menu section Some other questions Stalled post to openbsd-src-x11 Start New Lang to Localization to Debian Start Punjabi Switch to po-debconf (was: Re: LAM German debconf template translation) Tcp-wrapper new release 7.6.dbs-3 provides a new (translatable) message Translating tags in docbook documents Translation of NEWS.Debian Votre message pour deust203 a ete rejete webmin-ldap-user-simple templates translation Why has no i18n? The last update was on 17:27 GMT Wed May 01. There are 83 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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