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Re: Translation of NEWS.Debian

Quoting Michael Bramer (grisu@debian.org):
> Hello
> Have someone already make some thougths about the translation of the
> NEWS.Debian files in the debian packages?
> some stats (sid):
>   >370 bin-packages with NEWS.Debian
>   >100 with dif. content NEWS.Debian
> We need 
>  - support in apt-listchanges to support translations
>  - some framework to translate (NEWSDebian2po ?)
> Comments?

I think (see debconf4 talk and, yes, slides soon on debconf web site)
that for sure, some work is needed around all this. Some pressure is
currently put on maintainers so that they move "useless" notes to
NEWS.Debian. However, this loses all translation when it's done, which
is pretty bad.

So, besides supporting the general idea of having some tools available
for NEWS.Debian translation, I would add a few more ideas:

- a tool for converting a debonc note to NEWS.Debian...INCLUDING
  existing debconf translations

- a framework for translation status (to DDTP or not to DDTP ?)

- discuss before coding..:-)

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