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evolution package

I've been using woody for some time and i've liked it. Evolution seems
to be a good mail manager but it has a great problem with i18n. I
usually use russian locale (ru_RU.KOI8-R), but evolution just show empty
boxes instead of charecters.
I've looked into the source code and discover that evolution use the
following string to discribe default content type: "text/html;
charset=utf-8" (look into mail/mail-display.c). I propose that the
problem is utf-8. Default content type maust be defined using system
charset, not utf8... So I think that in initialization function
application must determine system charset (like gnome-vfs for instance)
and set default content type using this charset...
I've tried to do it by myself, but it seems very difficult to build
debian package from changed source... I tried to install changed version
directly from source to /usr/local, but it failed to start because of
not existing bonobo database (I didn't know what it meant)...
So maybe you'll help me to change evolution behavior...

Thanks in advance

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