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Re: Start New Lang to Localization to Debian

(followup set to debian-i18n mailing list)

Quoting AmanS Alam (amanlinux@netscape.net):
> Hello
> I am currently working on the GNOME for Translation. Now I want to start 
> my work with the Debian. Please Help me with some basic info about the 
> debian's framework for Translation as in GNOME
> -Po files are used to Translation.
> -Account need to create to Update files
> -Coordinator needed
> -locale
> -website to start files (not web pages)
> My Lang is Punjabi(pa)  INDIA

Be warned that there is no centralized infrastructure like the ones
the GNOME or KDE projects may have. Debian infrastucture is more
exploded and focused on more specific parts of l10n.... There are
discussions about putting together a kind of centralised system but,
well, this does not exist yet.

However, dont be afraid, we have great l10n anyway, so the current
scheme is something that works...

The infrastructure varies depending on which part of l10n is
involved :

-web site
-packages user input things (mostly debconf screens)
-programs translation (need upstream interaction with or without the
package mainteainer as intermediate)
-manual pages
-Debian Installer

First of all, you may start at http://www.debian.org/international/
and check the "Add a new language" section there.

Then decide which part you want to give your time.

Being, IIRC, the first volunteer for "pa", you become the "de facto"
language coordinator. This is the most difficult part, because you
won't find someone acting as The Big Coordinator, helping out

But, don't lose hope. debian-i18n@lists.debian.org is definitely the
place to be and ask for help. So, subscribe to this list and ask ask

If you look for suggestion of places to start with, I'd suggest either
the Web site or the Debian Installer. I am the mostly self-appointed
coordinator of Debian Installer l10n, so if you want to start in that
direction, please read the specific documentation for this, which you
will find at:

("I want to help")



Again, for other instructions, please use
debian-i18n@lists.debian.org. Most competent people are here and will
be glad to help you out finding your way..

I point you to Debian Installer because this is the Very First thing
people will see when using Debian. Also, because I'm currently trying
to have it translated in some Indian languages (we cover a great part
of the world currently with the 38 languages we have, but we still
lack whole India, except by considering it is covered by English...:-)))

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