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Re: [l10n] URGENT : shadow templates translation updates needed, NMU planned

Quoting Recai Oktas (roktas@omu.edu.tr):
> * Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña [2004-05-17 15:41:29+0200]
> [...]
> > Would you mind including program translations if available? (I'm refering
> > to #248516, #247084 and #248957). Notice that #248516 is already in
> > upstream's CVS and it would be a shame to lose that in the next Debian 
> > stable.
> Also don't forget the Turkish program translation: #243686 (waiting for 
> more than a month).  I still can't understand why it is so difficult to 
> close this bug.

Uh ? 
I think I have been confused by the text of that bug, thinking this
was a po-debconf translation just like 243103.

I will include this translation of course.

Anyway, this is the first occasion we have as, for the first NMU I
made, I voluntarily ignored the programs translations which required
more work (need to be sent to upstream and notify the BTS about it)

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