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Re: Cant't understand the new string in arcboot-installer


On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 11:09:50PM +1200, Carlos Liu wrote:
> Could you explain a bit more about the following message? I can't
> understand the second sentence at all. What does "enter the command
> monitor from ..." mean?
> > "At the end of this installation stage, the system will reboot.  After this, "
> > "enter the command monitor from the \"Stop for Maintenance\" option, and "
> > "enter the following commands:"

It's part of the SGI firmware.  When you boot an Indy, the first thing
you see on the screen is a box that says "Starting the system....", with
a "Stop for Maintenance" button.  Pushing that button leads to a menu,
which has "Enter Command Monitor" as an option.  The serial console is
phrased a little differently ("To perform system maintenance instead,
press <Esc>"), but leads to the same menu.  The command monitor itself
is just a command-line prompt to edit the system's BIOS settings.
(Probably more information than you wanted!)

"command monitor" can probably remain untranslated, since the firmware
will display those exact words.  You could further clarify it as
"command monitor (menu option 5)".

Nicholas Breen

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