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Translating tags in docbook documents

I've translated several man pages, now I'd like to translate "my" man
pages for aboot. I've written them in docbook sgml[2], and convert them
to man via
nsgmls aboot.sgml | sgmlspl sgmlspl-specs/docbook2man-spec.pl

Now some strings are set automatically by the stylesheet[3], i.e.
SYNOPSIS. What is the appropriate way to change these pre-defined
strings to the local equivalents[1]?

Secondly is there a good guide for preparing man pages for
translation, especially for versioning, so in case changes occur
translators can easily find the changed part and update their
translation accordingly? And the man page maintainer can easily notify
(if wanted) the translators (but this I guess could be done by
comments within the source).



(Please CC: me as I am not subscribed)

[1] I know I can hack the style-sheets, but I guess this is
    impractical for more than two languages. Also I read about the
    attribute LANG, but it did not have an effect.
[2] <!DOCTYPE RefEntry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN">
[3] <refnamediv>
    <refpurpose>The secondary boot loader for Linux/Alpha</refpurpose>

    and e.g. also the date is autogenerated (Name of month).

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