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Re: Cant't understand the new string in arcboot-installer

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 11:14:49AM -0400, Nicholas Breen wrote:
> It's part of the SGI firmware.  When you boot an Indy, the first thing
> you see on the screen is a box that says "Starting the system....", with
> a "Stop for Maintenance" button.  Pushing that button leads to a menu,
> which has "Enter Command Monitor" as an option.  The serial console is
> phrased a little differently ("To perform system maintenance instead,
> press <Esc>"), but leads to the same menu.  The command monitor itself
> is just a command-line prompt to edit the system's BIOS settings.
> (Probably more information than you wanted!)
> "command monitor" can probably remain untranslated, since the firmware
> will display those exact words.  You could further clarify it as
> "command monitor (menu option 5)".

Thanks for your clear explanation.

 Best Regards,

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