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Tcp-wrapper new release 7.6.dbs-3 provides a new (translatable) message

Just a note FYI, a new version of tcpd (7.6.dbs-2) hit unstable recently
which includes the fix I proposed for #62145, thus introducing a new
debconf question upon installation which people will most probably see as
part of the 2nd stage of the installation (as it's a 'base' package). Even
if the debconf note might change soon (see #248262) translators should
probably tackle this template in order to make sure they cover the 2nd
stage fully (as the Japanese team has done in #246441)

BTW, I believe it be worth adding this package to the '2nd-stage' list [1]



[1] http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/2nd-stage/packages-list

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