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Re: Debian installer rc1 translation status

Final state at the end of the string freeze

 28 complete languages      100%
    Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Basque
    Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
    Lithuanian,Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese 
  4 nearly complete     90%-99%
    Albanian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Swedish
  5 partial             50%-89%
    Slovenian, Welsh, Arabic, Bosnian, Galician
  1 very partial        10%-49%

 39 languages currenly worked on (this includes English..:-))

2nd stage statistics

 15 complete languages (I ignored the few missing strings in
                        base-config, re-added by joeyh very
                        recently. They aren't of huge importance)
  3 nearly complete
  2 partial
 15 very partial (mostly for iso-codes translations==country names)

3rd stage statistics (mostly things that output or possibly output
                      but do not input users)

  1 complete language (/me proud...:-))
 10 nearly complete
  5 partial
 15 very partial

This DOES NOT mean that Debian Installer will be complete for
so-called "complete" languages. We also depend on non d-i-team
maintained packages.....which have their own release schedule, or on
some NMU's such as recent shadow package NMU's (I messed up a bit with
these, forgetting to add some languages to the ALL_LINGUAS variable in
configure script)

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