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Switch to po-debconf (was: Re: LAM German debconf template translation)

Quoting Camm Maguire (camm@enhanced.com):
> Thanks!  Uploading now ....

Sigh....Yet another package which will lower french statistics..:-)

Expect soon a french translation. Thanks for the po-debconf switch.

There are now about only 700 strings left in non po-debconf packages
which there are about 7500 in po-debconfised packages.

Please, all translators, try to pay attention to packages you use
which do NOT use po-debconf yet. If you find one, then look at the BTS
(lots of them have pending bug reports by Andre Luis Lopes, Michel
Grentzinger, Martin Quinson or myself...or others). If there is NO
request for po-debconf switch, please file a bug report.

If possible, ile a bug report with a patch. Experience has proven that
several maintainers of these packages lack appropriate knowledge of
i18n and po-debconf details for making the switch themselves.

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