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Re: [l10n] Merged .po files

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On 2004-05-01 21:57, Nikolai Prokoschenko wrote:
> Hello!
> I need some help from someone, who had spent more time translating using
> gettext than myself. The status pages for the debian-installer also
> included the "merged" stats, for checking whether same strings have been
> translated consistently in all files. My problem is now: can you imagine
> a situation, where the same string would actually require different
> translations in each case? I'm thinking about extremely short strings,
> like "Hostname: " (there is no possible ambiguity in this case, but in
> others such could exist). 

> Should such cases be considered bugs on the 
> side of the developer, who should not write ambigious strings? Can it be
> assumed, that same strings should be translated the same way?

If there should be difference in the translation the same reasoning would 
apply to the english strings 
- -> seems to me that the right way to fix this is to change the english 
strings to be more clear.

- -- 
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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