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Re: 0 self tests failed on main+work+ltsp 0 self tests failed on main+work+ltsp (Was: 33 self tests failed on main+work+ltsp install) Re: 33 self tests failed on main+work+ltsp install 33 self tests failed on main+work+ltsp install (Was: Debian Edu/Skolelinux 6.0.3 beta1 test release) [TAF] wiki://DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/ Re: Anyone got any experience with the onlyodf extention to Anyone got any experience with the onlyodf extention to beta2 Bug#602863: marked as done (manage dhcp+dns with gosa) Bug#603870: French translation of Lenny user manual Bug#603870: marked as done (French translation of Lenny user manual) Bug#603870: Re: Bug#603870: French translation of Lenny user manual Bug#605245: marked as done (debian-edu-config: Russian translation misplaced in debian/po) Bug#606088: marked as done (debian-edu-config: [INTL:es] Spanish translation update) Bug#606108: marked as done (debian-edu-config: [INTL:ca] Catalonian program translation update) Bug#606127: marked as done (debian-edu-install: [INTL:ca] Catalonian translation update) Bug#606314: marked as done (debian-edu-install: Automatick partitioning fail when booting ISO as USB stick) Bug#608555: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the localization-config package Bug#608555: marked as done ([INTL:id] Indonesian debconf templates translation update) Bug#608555: Patch for the 1.07+nmu1 NMU of localization-config Bug#610841: marked as done (debian-edu-config: incorrect test before sourcing config file) Bug#617368: marked as done (http APT sources should be enabled in sources.list after install, CD install source should be disabled) Bug#617726: marked as done (debian-edu-config: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates) Bug#629040: marked as done (remove "backdoor") Bug#629043: marked as done (dovecot error msg on boot) Bug#629049: marked as done (NFSv4/Kerberos setup for diskless workstations) Bug#629060: marked as done (update-hostname vs. network-manager) Bug#629062: marked as done (krb5 configuration / SRV records) Bug#629347: marked as done (gosa-netgroups: after adding user to a posix group an error msg is shown) Bug#629626: marked as done (gosa should also lock the homedir of a deleted user.) Bug#630389: sitesummary-client: sitesummary client drops config snipplet in /etc/nagios/ Bug#630970: marked as done (debian-edu-config: Install hangs for hours while trying to run /usr/bin/mkslapdcert.) Bug#631357: marked as done (debian-edu-config: debian-edu-fsautoresize does not work) Bug#635201: marked as done ([localization-config] [INTL:sr] Serbian cyrillic translation of debconf template.) Bug#635215: marked as done ([localization-config] [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian latin translation of debconf templates.) Bug#638274: marked as done (LDAP bootstrap: Global DHCP options: default lease, max lease) Bug#638275: marked as done (DHCP config: names of shared networks) Bug#638285: marked as done (INTERN realm missing in realms stanza (krb5.conf) on diskless clients) Bug#638434: marked as done (GOsa mass imports need time, tweak php.ini parms) Bug#651952: Bug#652068: Catalan translation localization-config Bug#651952: localization-config: [l10n:ca] Updated Catalan translation Bug#651952: marked as done (localization-config: [l10n:ca] Updated Catalan translation) Bug#652068: Catalan translation localization-config Bug#652068: marked as done (Catalan translation localization-config) Bug#652535: debian-edu-config: Default Iceweasel config causes high load and IO when users log in Bug#652535: marked as done (debian-edu-config: Default Iceweasel config causes high load and IO when users log in) Bug#653053: ldap2zone: Sending email every hour fill up the mail spool Bug#653305: partman-auto: Please provide hook when disk is too small for the expert recipe Bug#653684: debian-edu-install: [INTL:sk] Slovak po-debconf translation Bug#653685: debian-edu-install: [INTL:ja] updated Japanese debconf translation Bug#653688: [INTL:da] Danish translation of the debconf templates debian-edu-install coccinella für Debian squeeze updated/re-packaged Re: coccinella für Debian squeeze updated/re-packaged Content and translation status for the debian-edu-squeeze manual Debian Edu/Skolelinux 6.0.3 beta1 test release debian-edu-config_1.446_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.446_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-config_1.446_i386.changes is NEW debian-edu-config_1.446~svn74311_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.446~svn74325_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.446~svn74336_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.446~svn74353_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74476_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74533_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74542_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74551_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74570_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74591_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74604_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74619_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74641_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74651_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74662_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74678_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.447~svn74697_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-doc_1.4~20111223~6.0.3~beta1_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-doc_1.4~20111223~6.0.3~beta1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-doc_1.4~20111224~6.0.3~beta1_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-doc_1.4~20111224~6.0.3~beta1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-install_1.520_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_1.520_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-install_1.521~svn74482_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_1.521~svn74497_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_1.521~svn74509_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_1.521~svn74521_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_1.521~svn74522_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_1.521~svn74617_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu_0.852_amd64.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu_0.852_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu_0.852_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu_0.852_i386.changes REJECTED debian-edu_0.852_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Donations received to the Debian Edu / Skolelinux project Help with a Project Re: Iceweasel causes very high load and IO usage on thin-client-servers Intent to NMU localization-config to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs localization-config_1.07+nmu1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable New debian-edu-install templates... Re: New sections Processed (with 1 errors): limit source to debian-edu-install, tagging 653688, tagging 653685, tagging 653684 Processed (with 3 errors): tagging as pending bugs that are closed by packages in NEW Processed: your mail Processing of debian-edu-config_1.446_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-doc_1.4~20111223~6.0.3~beta1_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-doc_1.4~20111224~6.0.3~beta1_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-install_1.520_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu_0.852_i386.changes Processing of localization-config_1.07+nmu1_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.72_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.73_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.74_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.75_i386.changes Re: scratch? sitesummary_0.0.71_i386.changes ACCEPTED sitesummary_0.0.72_i386.changes ACCEPTED sitesummary_0.0.72_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sitesummary_0.0.73_i386.changes ACCEPTED sitesummary_0.0.73_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sitesummary_0.0.74_i386.changes ACCEPTED sitesummary_0.0.74_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sitesummary_0.0.75_i386.changes ACCEPTED sitesummary_0.0.75_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 06:27 GMT Thu May 30. 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