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Bug#651952: Bug#652068: Catalan translation localization-config

Quoting Jordi Mallach (jordi@debian.org):

> The Catalan guidelines state that in order to make translations sound like
> natural Catalan, all sentences should be as complete as possible, ie, verb
> and all. "Configurant <foo>" is not a complete sentence, but "S'està
> configurant <foo>" is.
> Also, see the glorious use of UTF-8. :P
> Please accept the former file.

OK, thanks for your answer.

Please notice that for this specific case, the string is somethign
that's shown in a progress bar (most other strings in this progress
bar are in D-I, indeed....so if you're using "S'està configurant..."
in D-I, then it's logical to use it here, but if ou're using
"Configurant..." then the same should apply here.

Anyway, I'll use the most complete one.

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