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debian-edu-config_1.446_i386.changes is NEW

(new) debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups_1.446_all.deb extra misc
netgroups plugin for GOsa²
 NIS Netgroups plugin.
 GOsa² is a combination of system-administrator and end-user web
 interface, designed to handle LDAP based setups.
  to main/d/debian-edu-config/debian-edu-config_1.446.dsc
  to main/d/debian-edu-config/debian-edu-config_1.446.tar.gz
  to main/d/debian-edu-config/debian-edu-config_1.446_all.deb
Changes: debian-edu-config (1.446) unstable; urgency=low
  * Release of thirty-nine prereleases done in Debian Edu to Debian sid,
    aimed at Debian squeeze. See below for exact list of changes.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74353) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Change approach to increase entropy in
    /usr/share/debian-edu-config/d-i/finish-install to trigger
    disk IO instead of trying to increase the entropy amount by
    adding to /dev/urandom.
  * Reintroduce file descriptor closing when starting bind9, as
    it seem to solve part of the problem.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74336) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Undo change to close file descriptor 3 when starting bind9.
    It did not really address the problem, which is running out
    of entropy during installation.
  * Add code in /usr/share/debian-edu-config/d-i/finish-install
    to try to add more entropy when running low.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74325) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Disable browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled and
    browser.safebrowsing.enabled in Iceweasel, to avoid excessive I/O
    on the home directory server when several users log in.
    (Closes: #652535)
  * Make sure to close file descriptor 3 when starting bind9 from the
    installer, to avoid hanging the installer while waiting for it to
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74311) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Add new LDAP index for uniqueMember attribute in
    slapd-squeeze_debian-edu.conf, to ensure libnss-ldapd searches are
    processed quickly and syslog do not will up with heaps of messages
    stating "<= bdb_equality_candidates: (uniqueMember) not indexed".
  * Extend testsuite/ldap-server to include a simple stress test
    ensuring that the LDAP server work also with more than 1024 LDAP
    connections open.  Should ensure that problem discovered with
    Debian Edu/Lenny do not resurface.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74227) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Prepare LTSP rwbind on diskless workstations for /var/log/ntpstats
    (addresses #638287), currently commented out because of RAM consumption
    on diskless workstations.
  * Provide LTSP rwbind on diskless workstations for /var/lib/alsa. Silence
    an error report on diskless workstation shutdown.
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Fix regex in gosa-remove: A username may contain dots.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74195) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Makefile: deploy cf.pxeinstall too.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74178) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * ldap-tools/mkslapdcert: make more robust.
  * cf/cf.adduser and cf.dhcpserver: don't run sbin/debian-edu-pxeinstall
    anymore, instead add a new script cf/cf.pxeinstall for this
    purpose. (Closes: #630970)
  * If this still doesn't make the hanging at the end of debian-edu-profile
    finish-install go away, I suggest to try with /dev/urandom, to be set in
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74165) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * ldap-tools/mkslapdcert: invoke /etc/init.d/urandom start of
    /var/lib/urandom/random-seed doesn't exist.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74129) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * ldap-tools/mkslapdcert: try harder to fix #630970, grep in more
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74128) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * ldap2bind command during LDAP bootstrap (installation) has to
    run as user ,,bind''.
  * Fix for SVN r74090, saving of roaming profiles.
  * Assure that all Samba related config files are included in d-e-c package,
    esp. adding Win7+Samba related patches and cmd scripts.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74106) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Add cf.krb5client to Makefile.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74095) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Fix saving of roaming profiles for Windows XP.
  * Disable UAC on Windows 7 systems by default.
  * Samba netlogon: fix for 1stlogon.bat script plus filename
    fix for IE proxy registry patch.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74072) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * cupsd-debian-edu.conf: allow printing from
  * ldap-bootstrap/dhcp.ldif and ipnetworks.ldif: updated for using
  * cf/cf.syslog and cf.ltsp: updated for using
  * /etc/cfengine/cfservd.conf: updated for using
  * tools/subnet-change: updated to use
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Suppress dovecot warning message that appears on daemon start
    if IMAP login has not happened so far.
  * Disable IPv6 for Samba on Skolelinux systems (clients+server).
  * LDAP-bootstrap: Add _kerberos TXT record for default realm INTERN,
    add _kerberos-master SRV record and _kerberos-adm SRV record. Cfengine:
    Manipulate krb5.conf file on all networked systems, setting dns_lookup_kdc
    and dns_lookup_realm to true. (Closes: #629062, #638285)
  * Initial sync of DNS information from LDAP to bind9 config during LDAP
  * Provide registry patchset and some helper scripts (.bat) that facilitate
    Windows 7 (or Windows 2008 Server) joining to the SKOLELINUX Samba domain.
  * Handle removal of conffiles (init scripts: update-hostname, open-backdoor,
    resize_lvm) in preinst _and_ postinst.
  * Make 1stlogon.bat script (Samba netlogon share) functional for WinXP and
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74028) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Disabled debugging option (set -x) in mkslapdcert.
  * Add php.ini (PHP5) for Debian Edu server.
  * Tweak php.ini for GOsa² mass imports (raise execution and input time,
    memory limit, closes: #638434).
  * Work around libnss caching problems and script error handling in Samba.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn74012) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Update dnsd testsuite to reflect changes in SVN-r73890 (Kerberos
    using _udp, not _tcp).
  * Add missing expression ,,passwd'' after nscd -i in add machine script
    option of smb.conf.
  * Moved (Samba-related) groups and GOsa² templates from gosa.ldif to
  * GOsa²-netgroups: Hide GOsa² user templates from objects that are shown
    available for netgroup membership.
  * GOsa²-netgroups: Allow netgroup membership for gosaTerminal objects.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73998) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Set Samba Administrator password (LMHASH/NTHASH) during LDAP bootstrap.
  * Provide DNS service during bootstrap of Samba LDAP objects, fetch
    LDAP certificate before creating the Samba domain in LDAP.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73987) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * cn=smbadmin needs write access on the sambaDomainName=SKOLELINUX object.
  * Fix for chicken-and-egg problem during LDAP/Samba bootstrap.
  * Move cn=smbadmin creation to root.ldif.
  * Hide several (more) Samba specific groups from GOsa² (i.e. from the GOsa²
  * Assure that password for cn=smbadmin gets set properly during
    first part of LDAP bootstrap (i.e. when root.ldif is processed).
  * Set givenName: GOsa² and sn: System Administrator for uid=super-admin.
  * Add dhcp options default-lease-time and max-lease-time to global DHCP
    options (closes: #638274).
  * Explicitly allow smbd access from ,,localhost''.
  * Fix for failing ,,net getlocalsid'' command after LDAP bootstrap.
  * Enforce usage LDAP BaseDN as ldap computer suffix in smb.conf.
  * Enforce search mask in smbldap-tool for LDAP groups to BaseDN.
  * Add default OU for GOsa² winstations to LDAP bootstrap.
  * Invalidate nscd passwd cache immediately after calling
    Samba's add machine script, also make sure we raise no
    exception when running the add machine script.
  * Make ldap-debian-edu-install work when run during
  * Allow a little pause between creation of the basic Samba
    machine object and the actual domain joining.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73951) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Revert Samba's config file back to a state usable without Kerberos.
    - Accessing shares like user's home directory already works again.
    - Joining Windows hosts to the Skolelinux domain still does not work
      and needs further work on the smbaddclient.pl script.
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Update Gosa netgroups, pulled in from:
    (closes: #629060, #629347).
  * Fix for gosa-remove script: the part in which the script searches for
    purgable homes does now search with -maxdepth 1 which speeds up user
    removal tremendously on systems with many many homes.
  * Removal of home dirs: do not chown root:root the whole later-to-be-remove
    home dir tree, only chown root:root for home dir basefolder to block
    access (closes: #629347).
  * GOsa-netgroups: Fix missing LDAP description field when viewing
    netgroups of a system.
  * GOsa-netgroups: Allow winstations to have netgroups, fix for gosa.conf
    and plugin code.
  * GOsa-netgroups: Samba machine accounts have a trailing '$' sign, handle
    these when enumerating netgroup members.
  * Update of smb.conf, preparing for NT4 domain controller support on
    Debian Edu main server.
  * Add Samba helper script smbldap-machineadd-gosa, derived from
    smbldap-useradd script. Adding smbldap-tools as dependency for
  * Provide smbldap-tools config for smbldap-machineadd-gosa script.
  * Add smbldap-machineadd-gosa script to package.
  * Update LDAP bootstrap for Samba related LDAP objects, add NIS netgroup
    for Windows workstations (common scenario is dual boot functionality:
    winstation and diskless workstation).
  * Fix for missing URI in passdb backend ldapsam (smb.conf).
  * SAMBA Domain Computers group has to be visible for GOsa².
  * Grant slightly wider permissions for cn=smbadmin to give the account
    the right to create Samba machine accounts in the SKOLELINUX domain.
  * Add sambaPrimaryGroupSID for uid=Administrator.
  * Add DHCP definitions for subnet01.intern (as there already is a
    subnet01.intern defined for DNS).
  * Rename backbone DHCP shared network to ,,intern''. Rename subnet00
    DHCP shared network to subnet00.intern, for subnet01 accordingly.
    This makes the DHCP name space very similar to the DNS naming
    conventions (closes: #638275).
  * Cosmetic rename of super-admin fullname.
  * Add sambaProfilePath and sambaLogonScript defaults to GOsa² account
    templates (i.e. for NewTeacher and NewStudent).
  * sambaRID fixes for groups ,,students'' and ,,teachers''.
  * Giving examples for shared-teachers and shared-students shares, fixing
    minor typos in smb.conf.
  * Provide a completely new netlogon script infrastructure: on first
    domain logon, IE and Firefox get configured to use tjener's proxy
    and in firefox the SKOLELINUX www.intern home page is set as the
    default browser home page.
  * Add new netlogon scripts to debian-edu-config package (in Makefile).
  * Use direct path to LDAP cert in smbldap.conf instead of using a
  * Fix for smbldap.conf, correcting ou container for new SMB machines.
  * Replace $SAMBAPWD in smbldap_bind.conf during installation.
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Correct the Vcs-Browser link in the control file to use the new paths.
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Use UDP SVR record instead of TCP for Kerberos.  By default, the KDC
    does not listen on any TCP ports.
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * share/debian-edu-config/d-i/finish-install: don't run "edu-etcvcs init"
    one more time, esp. not after already having committed.
  * Fix Makefile for Mike.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73823) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Fix code in sbin/debian-edu-pxeinstall and sbin/snakeoil-on-ice
    grabbing DNS from leases file.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73805) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Never leave /etc/hostname back empty.
  * Update tjener webpage logo.
  * Grab DNS from leases file in sbin/debian-edu-pxeinstall and
    sbin/snakeoil-on-ice if resolv.conf is missing.
  * Add code to trigger disk read/write to create some entropy when
    preparing the LDAP certificate. (to address #630970)
  * Fix machine ou in slapd.conf and smb-debian-edu-client.conf.
  * Add regular expression match for newer kernels' lvm-devices to
    sbin/debian-edu-fsautoresize.  Thanks Petter for the hint.  Really
    show percentage. (Closes: #631357).
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73734) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Do not forget moving the systems' tab in /etc/gosa/gosa.conf.
  * Add FIXME concerning NFSv4 and Kerberos.
  * Try to use a temporay /etc/resolv.conf in snakeoil-on-ice and
    debian-edu-pxeinstall if /etc/resolv.conf is empty or missing.
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * cf/cf.kdm and testsuite: remove workarounds for #582568 as we don't rely
    on root logins into kde nor gnome anymore.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73702) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Fix error in cfengine rule.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73693) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Clear LDAP password from debconf database in finish-install.
  * Rearranging GOsa menu:  Move important stuff to the top of the list.
  * Modify cfengine rules to update /etc/hostname name from DHCP.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73652) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Add debconf templates for "ldap-password-again",
    "ldap-password-mismatch" and "ldap-password-empty".
  * Fetch ldap-password in the same manner as it already works for the
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73615) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Remove code introduced to install GOsa for testing as it is installed
    by default now.
  * Send output from gosa-encrypt-passwords to /dev/null to not waste the
    log with useless messages.
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Add debconf template for "debian-edu-config/ldap-password" which is
    never shown, but makes debconf complain anyway if not avaible.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73556) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Clean ldap-debian-edu-install a bit and make it more robust.
  * Revert modification in cf.ldapserver, script is run as root.
  * Make sure the data in a deleted user's home directory is only
    accessible to root.  (Closes: #629626).
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Update for smb.conf on Debian Edu main server. Needs more work
    around smbldap-tools support.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73555) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Revert modifications in gosa.conf as they do not accomplish the
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Add NIS Netgroups tabs for systems (they were missing in the
    dh_install configuration file).
  * Drag in latest GOsa netgroups plugin code (r629) from
    (Closes: #629347).
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73536) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Fix the username-generator in gosa.conf to allow editing the
    generated username.  (It must not generate several names to make
    strictNamingRules="false" work).
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Remove 'ou=systems,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no' definition from
    gosa.ldif and change the ou attribute in root.ldif to match the
    rename from machines to systems: This fixes a problem with the
    ldap bootstrap that breaks while adding the second
    'ou=systems,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no' in gosa.ldif.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73528) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Revert modifications from svn revision 73509 as they made things
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73521) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Make sure that /var/lib/dovecot exists before trying to create a
    file there.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73510) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Silence dovecot's boot message before first IMAP login success
    (Closes: #629043).
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Move debconf interaction from ldap-debian-edu-install into a
    separate script to test if interferences between the rest of
    ldap-debian-edu-install and debconf causes the "'finish-install'
    succeeded but requested to be left UN configured" problem with d-i.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73486) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Remove depends on debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups from
    debian-edu-config's depends. Only depend on it from the main-server task.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73485) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * revert smb.conf on main server to security=DOMAIN (let
    Samba authenticate against LDAP again, not Kerberos)
  * disallow Samba root logins
  * disallow Samba anonymous logins
  * ou=machines is ou=systems when LDAP is used with GOsa²
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73463) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Remove our backdoor (which was poorly implemented and misnamed feature,
    see the buglog for details). (Closes: #629040)
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Remove not working '019-kernel-selection' script.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73449) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Fix missing "]"s in debian-edu-pxeinstall.
  * Run ldap-debian-edu-install as root (from cfengine).
  * No network-manager tweaks on main server (tjener).
  * Drop a local ntp test from testsuite which has become obsolete.
  * Add README for unused .ldif files.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73396) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Make 'debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups' depend on 'gosa':
    Postinstall scripts calls update-gosa and fails if 'gosa'
    is not yet installed.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73373) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Modify gosa.conf to allow for editing the generated uid.
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * Add new variable 'ROOTPWDSSHAHASH' for ldap bootstraping:
    - Use the new ssha hash password in gosa.ldif for super-admin's
      userPassword: This should allow changing the password with gosa.
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Move NIS Netgroups further up in the GOsa² sidebar menu.
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73330) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Daniel Hess ]
  * HashComment redundant security.d.o entry before adding our own to
    sources.list. (via cf.apt)
  [ Mike Gabriel ]
  * Use Debian's default NTP servers again for main server.
  * Use user Kerberos tickets for NFSv4 authentication/authorization on
    diskless workstations (Closes: #629049)
  * Beautify cf.adduser's Replace statements
  * cf.adduser: configure adduser.conf so that local users are now created
    with Debian's default again.
  * Add gosa-netgroups (from gosa-contrib 2.7 which is not in squeeze) as new
    binary package debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroup (Closes: #602859)
  * Make debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups conflict with gosa >= 2.7
  * tools/kerberos-kdc-init: remove unused heimdal function.
  * add myself to uploaders in control file
  * remove .svn folders in debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups when building
    the binary package
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Remove /etc/dhcp/dhclient-exit-hooks.d/hostname-update and
    /etc/init.d/update-hostname as nowadays dhcp clients pick up their dns
    name from dhcp just fine. The code in question is from 2002 and nobody
    remembers why it should be necessary. (Closes: #629060)
  * Also drop /usr/sbin/update-hostname-from-ip
  * debian-edu-config (1.446~svn73270) squeeze-test; urgency=low
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Add the tabs for the netgroups plugin in gosa.conf.
  * Add some descriptions to the netgroups in LDAP.
  * Change netmask in /etc/exports until GOsa supports
  * Rework slapd-cert.cnf and make DNS aliases (subjectAltName) work.
  * Prepare gosa.conf for the netgroups plugin.
  * Enable HTTP in sources.list for APT. Most schools will have HTTP
    available today (Closes: #617368).
  * Disable DVD in sources.list for APT. Remove volatile repository, add
  * Testsuite: Check for TLS connection to ldap.intern if TLS connection
    to the ldap server reported by the SRV record fails.
  * Switch on password encryption in the GOsa configuration.
  [Jürgen Leibner]
  * correct typo in 'index.html.de'
  [Mike Gabriel]
  * Add cfengine script that modifies /etc/adduser.conf (Closes: #617384).
  * Move DHOME= setting from cf.homes to cf.adduser
  * Make CN for slapd cert match FQDN as returned by reverse DNS resolver.
    (Closes: #621800).
  * Deny root login for KDM.
  * ldap-tools/mkslapdcert: use SHA-1 algorithm for slapd TLS cert, refer to
    http://www.win.tue.nl/hashclash/rogue-ca/ for more information on MD5
  * Cleanup of GOsa test code
  * Fix some typos.
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Add Brazilian Portuguese translation by Eder L. Marques (Closes: #617726)
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Continue the rework of DHCP/DNS-setup.
  * Use FQDN for ldap-server in smb-debian-edu.conf. Thanks to Andreas
    Schockenhoff for testing and reporting.
  * Fix testsuite DNS-lookups for subnets.
  * Rework DHCP-setup in gosa-server.ldif.
  * Improve names for ltspservers and subnets.
  * Adapt testsuite to reflect new setup.
  * Remove ldap user 'admin' for now as it conflicts with the admin in
  * Fix cfengine-rule.
  * Make locate-syslog-collector returning a sensible default host if no
    DNS server is available.
  * Allow NetworkManager to manage devices in /etc/network/interfaces.
    Further testing needed. If we are lucky, some hooks in
    /etc/dhcp/dhclient-* can be removed, as they are included in NM.
  * Add ldap user 'admin'. This user is going to have limited permissions
    compared to the super-admin. ACLs not yet implemented.
  * Prepare two sub-networks in ldap by default for the thin-clients.
    Needs further testing.
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Send a simple test-mail to root when running the postoffice
    test-suite. Minor fixes to latest commits.
  * Remove ldapserver from the 10.0.2-zone.  Add extra 192.168.-zone to
    make ltspserver resolvable as
  * Rename cf.ldap2bind to cf.bind. Add rule to switch off IPv6 for
    bind to silence IPv6 lookup failure messages.
  * Fix bug in debian-edu-ldapserver that inhibits the fallback to 'ldap'
    as ldap server.  State the cause of failure precisely in the log.
  * Add mail alias for bind pointing to root.
  * Allow users of group 'bind' to write in /etc/bind/.  Needed to make
    ldap2bind chronjob work.
  * Add 'current_directory = /' to exim's rootmail transport configuration
    to make mail services to root work again.
  * Adapt testsuite to DNS implementation.
  * Remove duplicate A-records from DNS configuration to make sure the
    reverse address mapping needed for reliably issuing a Kerberos service
    ticket works.  To move services to another machine, add the machine to
    DNS, remove the CNAME-record(s) and modify the service record(s) to
    point to that new machine.
  * Rework gosa-server.ldif. Tested by bootstrapping the ldap tree.
    Recreate zone information for bind from the ldap tree.
  * Fix bugs in cf.homes and cfengine.conf that broke the installation.
    Tested by running cfengine in the spoiled system after applying the
    fixes to the mentioned files.
  * Make sure idmapd is started (/etc/defaults/nfs-common). Needed to test
    NFSv4 with Kerberos security.
  * Overhaul DNS setup of GOsa/bind in gosa-server.ldif.  I had to revert
    the stuff added to make powerDNS work, it completely breaks GOsa's
  [ Christian Külker ]
  * Fix typo in www/index.pot and www/*.po.
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Provide zone configuration files named.conf.ldap2zone, db.intern and
    db.2.0.10.in-addr.arpa. for bind to make sure DNS works right after
    installation. May need polishing and further testing (the files should
    be replaced by identical files from ldap in the first ldap2bind run).
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Adjust testsute/hardware to also handle ddccontrol to report DDC
    information, and prefer this over the disappearing xresprobe.
  * Fix incorrect shell test in dhclient-exit-hooks.d scripts (Closes:
  [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
  * Switch on NFS4 (sec=sys) for mounting the home directories with the
    automounter.  Enable services needed to test sec=krb5p:krb5i:krb5
    (done in cf/cf.homes).
  * Switch from pdns to bind and ldap2zone.  This enables management of
    hosts with GOsa and has been done to enable further testing. Obviously
    it could be reverted and needs to be agreed on.  Also needs
    documentation if kept for the release. Add debian/TODO.Squeeze.
  * Fix inconsistent naming of environmental variable USERPASSWORD in
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Fix tools/nbdswap-cleanup to delete the swapfiles. Add check which
    prevents the script from running twice.
  * Move debian/po/ru.po to www/ and restore the debian/po/ru.po file that
    was in 1.444 - thanks to Christian Perrier for spotting this!
    (Closes: #605245)
  * Add translation to Brasilian Portuguese of the www starting page,
    thanks to Gilberto Dos Santos Alves.
  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Change asound.conf to always pass audio to pulseaudio (and not only
    for LTSP), to ensure Adobe Flash audio do not block access to the
    audio device for other programs.  Drop no longer needed Xsession.d
    code to set ALSA_DEFAULT_PCM when thin clients log in.
  * Adjust some of the gosa-server.ldap DNS entries to work with
    PowerDNS, by adding associatedDomain attribute.
  * In gosa-server.ldif, change ldap, syslog, kerberos and kpasswd
    from CNAMEs to A records, to make sure they can be referred in SRV
    and MX entries.  Fix typos in some SRV records.
  * Adjust PowerDNS setup to look for its object from the LDAP root,
    as its old subtree have moved and we do not want to track its
  * Change DHCP server setup to look for
    (&(objectClass=dhcpService)(cn=tjener) used by GOsa instead of the
    entry (&(objectClass=dhcpService)(cn=dhcp) from the old service
  * Add code to expand $MAC in ldap-debian-edu-install, for
    gosa-server.ldif to get it.  Make sure to use / and not : as the
    sed substitution character, to ensure MACs can include :.
  * Make sure SRV records have FQDN to ensure the names extracted match
    the SSL certificate names.
  * Test suite:
    - Extend DNS server test to verify that CNAME and SRV records are
      present in DNS.  Also add tests for the service specific A
      records (ldap/kerberos/postoffice/domain).
    - Make DNS test more robust by setting LC_ALL=C.
    - Add test in pxeinstall to ensure that tftp server is configured
      to use /var/lib/tftpboot/.
  * PXE server setup:
    - Remove support for now obsolete d-i-bootimages package in setup
    - Use cdn.debian.net instead of ftp.skolelinux.org as the default
      Debian mirror when installing the main-server from DVD, to get a
      mirror close to the machine instead of one in Norway.
    - Drop vga=788 as kernel argument for PXE installation, to get
      newt based d-i to work on Dell Latitude D505.
  * Updated Spanish web page translation by Hector Oron (Closes: #606088).
  * Added Catalonian web page translation by Hector Oron (Closes: #606108).
  * Remove 'Terminal=False' from
    etc/xdg/autostart/welcome-webpage.desktop to get Gnome as well as
    KDE to use it.  Gnome complain that it do not understand the
    Terminal entry.
  * Update web page translation framework to handle the new translations.
  * Add workaround for bug #606313, while it isn't fixed in the
    ltsp-server package.
  * Disable code to write a special xorg.conf file on HP Mini 2133.
    The X server in Squeeze seem to handle autodetection.
  * Drop code to install b43-fwcutter on HP Mini 2133.  It is done
    by d-i and discover-pkginstall in Squeeze.
  [ Ronny Aasen ]
  * Adjust some of the gosa-server.ldap, adding fqdn to cnames, and
    adding missing objectClass entries.
  [ Claudio Carboncini ]
  * Updated the Italian translation of the web page.
  [ Jürgen Leibner ]
  * Completed translation of the german www starting page.
  * Corrected some typos in the translation of the german www starting page.

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