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Bug#651952: Bug#652068: Catalan translation localization-config

Heya ultraman!

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 07:22:42AM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Thanks, Agusti.....So now we have *two* updates for Catalan, one sent
> by Jordi in #651952 and another by you in #652058...
> I see that the Catalan team is still planning world domination but
> sometimes shhots towards the same target twice..:-)

We want to make *sure* we beat the French.

> So, which one should I use?

> -msgstr "Preconfigurant els paràmetres relacionats amb la llengua..."
> +msgstr "S'estan preconfigurant els paràmetres relacionats amb la llengua…"
> Should should the verb be conjugated as "S'estan configurant <foo>" or
> "Configurant foo..."? I guess the latter is just shorter and stands
> for "Configuring the language-related parameters" while
> the former probably is something like "Language-related parameters are
> being configured"


The Catalan guidelines state that in order to make translations sound like
natural Catalan, all sentences should be as complete as possible, ie, verb
and all. "Configurant <foo>" is not a complete sentence, but "S'està
configurant <foo>" is.

Also, see the glorious use of UTF-8. :P

Please accept the former file.

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