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[ANN] autoconvert-0.3.4 out,bug fix.:( Apologies Arphic fonts Arphic PL fonts and BIG5<->Unicode An article about BluePoint Linux 新增 Debian 看版 (fwd) [轉錄]如何在 Netscape 中不用 bg5ps 列印中嬁 中文TTF字型的問題 Re: 中文TTF字型的問題(cont.) Debian 網頁翻譯:新增 CN 及 TW 用語的 slices 看看別人, 想想自己 ! 新 Debian 軟件包:xfonts-arphic-* 出來了! ^_^ Re: TCL 的 unicon (漢化內核) 屏幕下做抓詞,翻譯。很雪N思 Re: [FYI] 湖⼢×馳杠 Re: [cle-devel] Re: [cle-devel] 請問一下CLE的各位大j 中文TTF字型的問題(cont.) 想加入 Debian-chinese project Re: 新增 Debian 看版 ttf-arphic-* and tfm-arphic-* 出來了! ^_^ BluePoint Linux (The Chinese GNU/LINUX distro. from Network studio) is out Re: [cle-devel] Arphic PL fonts and BIG5<->Unicode Re: [cle-devel] Re: Arphic fonts [ Timeline for potato] Debian Installation Guide Re: Debian potato, zh_TW.Big5 locale not supported?? Re: DebianYӪC FORW: Unix s{Ǫ̥ --> Unix s{`Ѱݵ Re: (fwd) []pb Netscape bg5ps CL] [FWD] Re: ]ͺ~rֳt [FWD] TurboLinux: LinuxU奴L [FYI] ʡѹ FYI: if you use Gnus and you've trouble read Chinese... 合作 h@ TurboLinux I quit! update my e-mail address please. autoconvert-0.3.4¸É¥R Re: ·Q¥[¤J Debian-chinese project RE: ·Q¥[¤J Debian-chinese project Re: ·s Debian ³n¥ó¥]¡Gxfonts-arphic-* ¥X¨Ó¤F¡I ^_^ Fw: [Âà±H] [Âà¸ü] ¤¤°êlinux¤§¦h¦h¾x¼@¡]¤@¡^ Fw: [Âà±H] [Âà¸ü] ¤¤°êlinux¤§¦h¦h¾x¼@¡]¤G¡^ Re: ·s¼W Debian ¬Ýª© _Linux֤ߪ~rܪ Re: 新增 Debian 看版 mail address changed a newbie's question Re: ݬݧOH, QQۤv ! Please kindly solve my quests TCL unicon (~Ƥ) ̹UA½ĶCܦN test, pls ignore Re: your mail The last update was on 10:59 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 108 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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