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Re: Debian potato, zh_TW.Big5 locale not supported??

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 07:29:05PM +0800, Anthony Wong wrote:
> |Yikes!  The glibc package has been reorganized, and I guess the zh_TW.Big5
> |locale got lost once again.  Tsk tsk tsk...  Let's see what we can do.  :-)

> 嗯...... This is the third time...

  The zh_TW.Big5 is still there, but is broken, as are other locales.
(e.g. Perl is complaining loudly about my en_CA locale.)  And lo and behold,
there is already a fresh bug report, available at:


It seems that the byte order in /usr/share/locale/zh_TW.Big5/LC_CTYPE
is wrong or something like that.  我的頭痛了,要睡覺了。

  暫時解決辦法:安裝 i18ndata 套件,自行編輯 locale data,範例指令如下,
隨便「自由發揮」。  ^_^

	$ localedef -f BIG5_1984 -i zh_TW -u mnemonic.ds /tmp/zh_TW.Big5
	$ su - root
	# cd /usr/share/locale/zh_TW.Big5
	# cp /tmp/zh_TW.Big5/LC_CTYPE .
	# exit


	$ cd /usr/share/locale/zh_TW.Big5
	$ cmp -l LC_CTYPE.bad LC_CTYPE

  希望這個 locales 套件過一兩天會有更正版本。


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