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FORW: Unix 編程初學者必看 --> Unix 編程常識問答

Found this <8EA5D3BEBhateme212hotmailcomr@> in chinese.comp.linux.development:

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From: ungrzr212@ubgznvy.pbz (x--- ROT-13 First!! -=Hateme=-)
Newsgroups: chinese.comp.linux.development
Subject: Unix ½sµ{ªì¾ÇªÌ¥²¬Ý --> Unix ½sµ{±`ÃѰݵª
Date: 23 Dec 1999 12:48:33 GMT


¤°¤\ daemon ½sµ{¡A³æ¦r²Å¿é¤J¡A³£¦³¬ÛÃö¦^µª¡C

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