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Fwd: Re[2]: (fwd) [轉錄]如何在 Netscape 中不用 bg5ps 列印中文]

I guess this mail is informational to this list to. :)

This is a forwarded message
From: Wang Jian <lark@linux.net.cn>
To: hashao <hashao@telebot.com>
Date: Sunday, December 26, 1999, 2:55:56 PM
Subject: (fwd) [Âà¿ý]¦p¦ó¦b Netscape ¤¤¤£¥Î bg5ps ¦C¦L¤¤¤å]

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Saturday, December 25, 1999, 6:41:46 PM, you wrote:

h> Hello,

h> Saturday, December 25, 1999, 12:23:10 PM, you wrote:

AF>> ¡@¡@ÁÂÁ¬f¾W¥S¦b cle-devel ¶Kªº¤å³¹¡A±Ð¤F¤j®a¦p¦ó§Q¥Î CID Postscript ¦r«¬¡A
AF>> ¨Ò¦p Adobe §Q¥Î¥xÆW±Ð¨|³¡ (MOE) »s¥X¨Ó¨º¤@®M¡Aª½±µ¦b GNU/Linux ¤Uªº Netscape
AF>> ¦C¦L¤¤¤å¡A¤£¥Î bg5ps µ¥¤u¨ã¤F¡C

h> It seems BP use PS font to do Chinese print as well as TLC.

h> If you look at ifcss.org or any of its mirror site, under
h> ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/fonts/gb/ps/, you will see
h> a package called gbpfb (Chinese{GB} PostScript fonts) put
h> together by Chen Xiangyang (I don't know who he is ;).

Just a note: Chen Xiangyang is in Turbolinux :-)

I  had  no  much  time  to  try  the  package,  so  after I did some
experiments   with   the  package,  I  gave up. Maybe I should give it
another try.


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