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"internal server error" for packages --> linux-signed-amd64 --> buster-backports Re: Are you leveraging Native Video Ads on ? Bug#859122: 31 DLAs missing from the website Bug#859122: marked as done (1 DLA missing from the website (or not)) Bug#932252: (no subject) Bug#932636: marked as done (broken link to git repo) Bug#940226: broken link to source from policy manual Bug#940227: marked as done (please provide the policy as one big file) Bug#940227: please provide the policy as one big file Bug#940512: <keygen> feature is no longer recommended by Mozilla Bug#941230: remove obsolete pages Can not register to forum - blacklisted, spamer ??? Cannot believe I have to use Google to find the Debian test ISO's Clinicas cita use Debian Debian Wiki - macro like <<DebianCodenameLink(oldstable)>> for translated pages? Donation with cryptocurrencies Fehler in Errata-Page git clone failed. I believe that is outdated The identity of nodiscc? new Debian homepage, next step one of your primary web addresses ( is throwing 403 errors Original is newer than this translation Please make it easier to find downloads Re: powerpc not found in Problem in page Reaching out about Recent changes to wiki organisation Report about converting my home site from wml to Template Toolkit Re: salsa git write access @atzlinux-guest Software Development Team SPF problem Unable to open language.conf. Using environment variables... Fwd: Who's using Debian? The last update was on 08:38 GMT Sun Dec 27. There are 71 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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