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Bug#932252: (no subject)

There's no formal definition what a team in Debian is. That's why it's
hard to decide which information should go onto this page.
But we should not list every mailing list as a team.

For me the user support mailing lists should not be listed here.
Also "Special Configurations" (including Laptops, Firewalls and
Embedded systems) is not important to list on a page about Debian
organisation structure. Maybe the same applies for ports, which are
already listed on the /ports web page.

Examples of teams that are not official delegates but should be listed
are the listmasters, salsa-admin, antiharassment, web pages, security
and others teams.

We will never be able to find a perfect solution, but let's try to
clean up the page a bit and list only the major parts (teams) that are
visible or well known.
regards Thomas

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