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Re: Recent changes to wiki organisation

On Mon 09 Sep 2019 at 17:36:27 +0000, nodiscc wrote:

> Hi Brian, I made these edits.

Hello nodiscc,

You've made me think! I understand little about wiki organisation and
would not have dared to take on the task you have. My objective is to
fit in with the work you have undertaken you, while keeping the pages
I am interested in as accessible as possible to all users and of good

> This page has acquired a section with a list of wiki pages. The links
> are (in the main) merely repeats of existing links in other sections
> of the page. I have tried to understand what purpose "Wiki pages"
> serves and have come to the conclusion that it only distracts from the
> pre-existing organised content.
> A proper homepage/portal for Printing  should link to all
> printing-related pages in my humble opinion.

I can understand that. 

> The pre-existing, clean, organized links were not linking to all
> relevant pages, so I added the FullSearch macro that lists all pages
> in CategoryPrinter.
> The proper solution is to add clean, descriptive links for each page
> on the Printing portal, then remove the FullSearch.
> The wiki list contains a number of pages with content that is dated
> and positively misleading to a user using a recent Debian printing
> system. What sort of impression is given by a LexmarkX2310 page that
> conveys zero information?
> Then those pages should be edited/cleaned of irrelevant content, or
> just removed. The FullSearch serves as a reminder that these
> low-quality pages are still there and should be cleaned up. Page creep
> is one of the most important problems on the wiki (again, just my
> opinion), sweeping them under the rug and pretending they don't
> exist/hiding them will probably not help.
> (yes, I think the user side of the wiki is generally in a bad way)
> Also, scanning and printing are not
> related; so why the link?
> The https://wiki.debian.org/Scanner page? It contains CategoryPrinter
> at the bottom, hence it is automatically listed by the FullSearch
> macro. I agree this is wrong - the proper solution is to remove
> CategoryPrinter from the scanner page.

I had actually done this a few minutes before seeing your mail.

> I had intended reverting the page to Revision 24 but it seems more
> sensible to avoid involving myself in a process I don't quite follow,
> Instead, I will transfer the material I care about to a new page that
> will be linked to from Printing.
> Your PrintingOverview page is good, and is what the Printing page
> should be, +/- these details:

Thank you.
>  - All pages with CategoryPrinter (the ones that show up in the macro
> on the Printing page) should be listed there. If you think some of
> them should not, because they're not relevant, or low-quality, then
> it's better to move them to another category, improve them, or remove
> them completely (move relevant info to other pages if needed).

I have always been very wary of deleting pages, but I do see your point.

>  - The syntax of page links is wrong according to
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWiki/EditorGuide#Links, it should be
> "PageName - Description of the page". If it hurts your eyes, it's
> probably because the pages are not proprely named, and should be
> renamed (eg. Thetexttopdffilter should probably be
> "CUPSTextToPdfFilter - Short description of what the filter does",
> etc)
> I hope Printing and PrintingOverview pages could be merged again
> (creating many pages where one could fit the purpose is what led the
> wiki to the current "state"), "Printing overview" should be the first
> and main section on the Printing page.
> Please tell me what you would like to see on a proper landing page
> about printing in Debian.

What you suggest makes sense. I will move the PrintingOverview sections
to Printing to join the trimmed down Wiki pages section. See what you
think. The PrintingOverview page can then be deleted?

Thank you for caring about printing on the wiki.



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