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Re: salsa git write access @atzlinux-guest

Hello Faris,

Am 02.09.19 um 03:42 schrieb Faris Xiao:
> create merge requests operation is very not convenience.

why? It's almost just one click.

> The question is:
> After I  git pull update from
> https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml.git,then merge to my fork
> , My branch will have merge commit log.

The same as the usptream repo, that's the nature of merge workflow.

> This local merge commit log of my local branch,is useless for upstream
> git repo.And also,it's cann't be easy to squash this merge commit log.

You seems to have misunderstand how merges in git are working. Squashing
is something you only do locally on your side in your local repo.

If the person who is merging your request isn't happy with your work can
still decide to chery-pick your commit and rework them if needed or wanted.

> This question had already discuss in Chinese maillist for serverl
> days,It still not have a good way to deal with.
> so,I hope to get the webwml repo write access.

I'm personally against giving -guest account directly full access to the
webwml repo. This can be done later once we see the provided work is
from a good and high quality. But to see what people would provide the
way to do this is making MRs or provide a classical patch set.

The webwml team is rather bigger and the chance to get your MR accepted
is also quite high by this. Don't waist time on waiting on getting repo

> Not only Chinese translate,I also hope take part in the whole website's
> improve work,bug fix,new web create,etc...

To do all this contributions you also don't need to have direct access
to the webwml repo. Just start with MRs.
And most of this parts you trying to talk about we would like to get
clear on the ML first before doing some work.

Carsten Schoenert

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