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Re: Debian Wiki - macro like <<DebianCodenameLink(oldstable)>> for translated pages?

On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 3:28 PM Beatrice Torracca <beatricet@libero.it> wrote:

> There is a macro in the MoinMoin api to find if a page exist:

Thanks for the API pointer, with that and some grepping in the
codebase I managed to add a few changes to make my proposal work:


It is already working on the Italian translation of the DebianReleases
page, it/DebianReleases links to it/DebianBuster but contains

> I did not find anything on a way to extract the iso-code of the language (that does not mean it does not exist).

I found that macro.formatter.page.pi['language'] contains the language code.



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